A Perfect London Day! The Bull and Last and Southampton Arms

We woke up Sunday and did some touring around our area and then took the train out to Kentish Town. This isn’t a usual tourist stop. It seemed as it was mostly residential and reminded me a bit of some parts of Brooklyn. The reason for the trip was the restaurant and gastropub The Bull and Last.

This little place had quite a bustling bar downstairs and then a serene dining area upstairs where the sunshine filled the room and portraits of dogs and horses filled the walls.

As soon as we sat down we both knew this was exactly what we had been looking for. London had been so packed the last two days with people it had been hard to think straight. I was ready for a relaxing Sunday. Once again a Rose for me and for Mr. T a pint of Stiegel.

We began our meal with some Trotter Wontons with Sweet Chili.

Mr. T absolutely loved these. It’s was pig’s foot done Chinese take out style- what’s not to love. Sundays in London are reserved for a nice big roast and who are we to argue. We split the Roast Rib of Dedham Vale Beef.

When I look at this dish I feel the love. Eggy, warm Yorkshire Pudding almost taunts the eyes with its natural bowl of delicious gravy . Some plump roasted potatoes, charred carrots and beans sit below just perfect for soaking up all the juice from the roast. Some nasel clearing horseradish sat nearby as the perfect accompinent to such an honest, comforting dish. This is what Sundays are for!

We finished the roast and although we were full the menu begged us to have more. Everything sounded fabulous! Fried Duck Egg with Bacon Lardons, Crab Soup with Fontina Croquettes, Triple Cooked Chips for goodness sake! But in the end I think we made the right decision, probably what they’re known for most- homemade charcuterie.

This plate is a masterpiece for the senses. There are so many textures, colors, smells and we haven’t even begun to talk about the taste. Prosciutto, Liver Parfait, Ham Hock Terrine, Rillets, Pickles, Remoulade & Toast with some crunchy radishes and quail eggs to boot. This was absolutely phenomenal. Each thing I tried was better than the last and it even had me wonder why it took me so long to eat Pig’s Head.

Even though we were stuffed I just couldn’t resist one scoop of ice cream. Why? Because it’s Ferrero Rocher ice cream!

How does it get better than this? I don’t think it does. The Bull and Last was so worth the trip out to Kentish Town. I loved the food, the service was great and the atmosphere couldn’t be better (they allow dogs too).

We were both so happy with our leisurely Sunday meal. We stopped at the Southampton Arms on the way back to the Tube for a few pints. The good beers and neighborhood feel almost convinced me we should move to Kentish Town. What more do we need than these two places!! Then we took the long ride back into the city where we found a sports bar so I could watch my game. Yes even in London I need to see my football team play. Luckily we did find one and after a fabulous victory we decided to cap off the night with one more thing. The seafood plateau from J. Sheekey’s!

It was almost 11:00 PM at this point but they welcomed us with open arms and gave us the same great service and food as last time we went. It was such a wonderful day. We both went to bed that night bellies full and happy as can be.

The Bull and Last