Edi and The Wolf

I’ve been meaning to try out this place since it opened a year ago and finally got a chance this past weekend.  This little restaurant is tucked away on Avenue C right across from the raucous and rowdy Zum Schneider.  Inside it’s warm and cozy with long wooden tables and lots of rustic charm.  They also are one of the few places that have Landjager.

This cured Austrian Sausage is delicious on its own or dipped into a little bit of sweet mustard.  We started with an order of that and an order of Pork Belly.

I was surprised to see the belly cut up like bacon instead of in fat chunks.  I actually didn’t love the pork belly.  The thin cut made it seem extra fatty and I couldn’t really get that deep porky flavor I usually do.  However I did love their Spatzle.

This was so incredibly creamy and had a nice earthy flavor from the addition of mushrooms and brussels sprouts.  And let’s talk about brussels sprouts.

 We got a big old bowl and they were absolutely fabulous.  I could have had this entire bowl as my main course they were that good.  However I decided to be nice and let everyone have some while I enjoyed my Veal Schnitzel.

I’m not a huge Schnitzel fan but this was really well done.  The breading was just light enough and the ligonberry sauce was perfect addition to the meat.

Overall I really liked the food at Edi and the Wolf.  Everything seemed made with care and the Austrian beers made it that much better.  However the service was a little slow and the prices aren’t cheap so be prepared to spend a little.  But the atmosphere really can’t be beat.  Check out their bathroom- it’s simply beautiful!