Maison Laduree- NYC

I wasn’t going to brave the insanity. I told myself to wait two more weeks and go to the real deal in Paris. I reminded myself that macarons are available other places that are also fabulous. I demanded myself to stop thinking about the colorful puffy delights…

Then all of a sudden I found myself in line outside the shop with tons of other sweet obsessed individuals. Sometimes I just can’t stop myself.

The main draw here is obviously the macarons and you’ll have plenty of time to think about which of the 12 flavors you want while you wait in line.

Lots of time! As I waited the line roped around I had a chance to smell some of their wonderful candles (all I could think when I saw these was where were you last week during my frantic hurricane candle search).

And finally I was at the front and ready to order my macarons.

I decided to get a box of eight which came to about $21.00.

I had Pistachio, Caramel a la fleur de Sel, Café, Vanilla, Framboise and Cassis Violet.

The first one I tried was the Caramel and my goodness it was amazing. The salted butter filling was rich, decadent and intense. Talk about slap you in the face kind of flavor.

The next one I had was the Cassis Violet and this one didn’t fare as well. The Blackurrant filling was intense just like the caramel but it was way too sweet for my tastebuds. I felt like I was eating a spoonful of sweet jelly and my teeth kind of ached a little bit from eating the bite.

Luckily I went back and found my other tie for first place the Pistachio. This was perfect. It was nutty but smooth. Where the Cassis was totally unbalanced on the sweet side this hit the mark just right.

The thing that blew me away about all the macarons we got was how true to the flavor each one stayed. I could taste each ingredient and it was pure. The cookie to filling ratio was perfect and they obviously incredibly fresh. I have to tell you between Mr. T and I we ate six and saved two for the following day. Believe it or not I thought they were better on day two. The cookie was a little more firm and the filling seemed to have settled in nicely. That’s great to know if your looking to bring some back as presents.

Overall I really enjoyed Laduree and it certainly beats Macaron Café or Bouchon Bakery. However be prepared for the wait and the people. It’s definitely UES with ladies in hats and fancy children. There was a little boy behind me who must have been about four years old. His mother was chatting up everyone around regarding his eating habits. “He only eats chocolate truffles filled with olive oil or fleur de sel, he won’t touch those regular candy bars.” I won’t share my thoughts on her, you can make your own judgment.

I’m glad I checked it out but now I’m even more excited to go the real one. They only have the macarons and chocolates here. I want to try out their cakes and pastries. Paris Laduree I’m coming so soon!

Maison Laduree