Carnivore Fest at Peter Luger

It isn’t every day that one starts a meal with an appetizer of bacon and follows up with an entrée of straight meat. That is reserved solely for Peter Lugers.

Well to be completely truthful our latest meal started out with their delicious bread basket and some beers. It’s hard to resist the wonderful smell of garlic and onion coming from the rolls but I never fill up on the carbs here. That would be sacrilegious since my bacon appetizer was on the way.

If you’ve never been to Peter Lugers you might not understand the draw of the bacon here but you should. It’s a thick, salty slab with crunchy edges and an awesome smoky flavor. I never cared for the Luger Steak sauce until I tried it on the bacon. Somehow that cocktail sauce flavor works wonders on this piece of pork. And speaking of the steak- here’s the porterhouse for three.

Good lord have you ever seen such a beautiful plate of meat in your entire life? No really here’s a close up.

The meat is so moist and supple it cuts more like a tuna sashimi than a piece of steak. That’s preciously why Luger’s is so famous. It’s really hard to find a steak that will compare to what they shell out here.

The meal ends with some complimentary golden chocolate coins to much away on while you try to figure out the bill amid your meat filled foggy head. Thank goodness you’ll be foggy since the bill isn’t cheap. With three rounds of beers and two sides it came out to over $300. Expensive yes but not too overpriced considering the amazing amount of food and level of pure meat happiness you’re left with.

And really it’s the holidays after all. We could all use a little Luger’s in our lives right now.