Zero Otto Nove

This famous Bronx Italian restaurant opened up an outpost right in the Flatiron district near my apartment a few months back. The sprawling cavernous space and big picture windows up front make for a stunning dining room and the round wooden bar is very inviting. We’ve dined here about three times since the opening and I’ve come to the conclusion that the pizza’s are very good but the service could use some work.

Probably my favorite pizza on the menu is the La Riccardo made with butternut squash puree, smoked mozzarella, spicy pancetta and basil. Everything about this pizza works. The smoky cheese goes perfect with the charred bottom and butternut squash might be a better topping for pizza than tomato sauce in my book. You get fatty, salty, sweet and smoky all in one crispy bite. This pizza is pure love.

For the traditionalists the Margherita Pizza is available and quite tasty as well. It’s obvious from the strong basil and zesty parmigiano that they use only the highest quality ingredients. Mr. T and my father both thought there was a bit too much crust and not enough topping. I actually loved the chewy crust so to each their own I guess.

We also sampled some of the Polipo alla Griglia. The octopus was tender enough but I wasn’t loving the cannellini bean and capers on top. I thought it overpowered the dish and would have done better with just some oil and salt.

Overall however I love the food and décor at Zero Otto Nove. Now onto the unfortunate part- the service. It’s not bad per se but a little harried and confusing. On two separate occasions a bus boy took my wine glass when there was still wine left inside. On another visit the waiter seemed upset when we weren’t ready yet to order and then basically shoved the check at us before even asking about coffee or dessert. Neither of those occasions were busy and it just seemed very gruff and strange. Once these service issues and ironed out I think this will be a very nice place a have a relaxing dinner.

Zero Otto Nove


LOVE Zero Otto Nove. I went there right after it opened and the service was spotty then - too bad it hasn't improved, cause I agree with you that the food is fab!