A Fabulous Night with Rachel Ray and eHow

I was lucky enough to be invited Monday night to the Launch Party of the eHow Food Channel’s new partnership with Rachel Ray. And what a party it was! The event was held on the Bar Basque terrace and was complete with a DJ, drinks and of course Rachel Ray and all of her Buddies on hand serving some delicious food and wine.

My first cocktail of the night which I assume was created by Buddy Joe Campanale, was an Aperol Fizz made with lemon juice. This was a nice refreshing cocktail and a perfect aperitif for all the food I was about to consume.

My first bite of the night was a Shrimp Ceviche and a Blue Cheese Onion Empanada. The ceviche was tasty for sure but the real winner was the empanada.

Blue Cheese and Onion oozing out of a crisp buttery shell- what’s not to like about this!

Next I had two enormous Apricot Glazed Ribs. Only one is pictured because I devoured the first.

Next up Broiled Chicken Kebab with Suman over Peanut Noodles. The chicken had a wonderful creaminess from the sauce and the peanut slaw was a perfect accompaniment. I'm hoping this recipe gets up on the website soon so I can make it at home.

I needed a food break so I grabbed another drink- this time a Negroni sbagliato made with Champagne instead of Gin. I’ve never been a big fan of Negroni’s and the champagne didn’t change anything for me. It’s that darn Campari I dislike. Oh well- at least I gave it another shot.

My favorite dish of the night was the Pork Shoulder with Orange Mandarin Glaze from Josh Ozersky. The pork was so incredibly moist and had fabulous sweet and salty flavors going on from the citrus.

My last savory dish was a Pulled Chicken Sandwich with Coleslaw and an Arancini. At this point I was so full I could only manage a tiny bite of the piping hot rice ball. I had managed to make it through almost every dish and only dessert was left.

Thanks Goodness I left room for Heather Betinetti’s Orange Chocolate Mousse with Orange Zest and Coconut Shortbread Cookie. This was like eating uncooked brownie batter with a kick. Maybe that doesn’t sound good to you but it seriously rocked my world.

I paired my dessert with a wonderful sparkling rose which Buddy Sommelier Jordan Salcito picked out. This wine was a big hit at the event and for good reason. This unfiltered wine had great big flavors of orange and strawberry which went perfectly with the parfait and the wonderfully warm evening we were enjoying.

Throughout the event Rachel Ray’s eHow segments were being played on Beerparc’s big screen across the way. I’m not sure Beerparc patrons enjoyed this so much but I thought it was a fantastic way to tie together the event. Quite a lovely way to spend a Monday night in the city. Check out the eHow site. It's got some awesome recipes from the Buddies and really good cooking and mixology tips.

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