Long Island Day

My parents were visiting for a few days and we tried to jam pack as much as we could into the short trip. The first day we drove out to Long Island and visited a few of the wineries out in Southampton. Our first stop was Duckwalk where most of the wines we tired were on the sweeter side but everything was quite enjoyable.

Our next stop was at Channing Daughters- a winery I was very excited about since I’ve enjoyed their wines in multiple restaurants in NYC. The wines were definitely still tasty and the wood carvings throughout the store were beautiful but our wine pourer was absolutely awful. We happened to be the only customers at the time and she made it quite obvious that she wasn’t happy we were there. She didn’t smile once and hardly even gave us a description of the wines until I prompted her to do so. Her attitude made the whole tasting very uncomfortable and I was so angry and put off I decided against buying any bottles. Too bad since I was planning on stocking up there.

Well luckily our last winery was Wolffer Estate and was absolutely wonderful! The building reminded me exactly of the wineries we visited out in Tuscany. Plus the space had a gorgeous patio out back with a full on waitress instead of a pouring table.

We got a plate of wonderful cheeses (goat, sheep and cow) with jam and had a great tasting. Although this was by far the most expensive of the bunch it was also the most enjoyable.

Sipping wine, in the sun and nibbling on cheese is something I could get used to doing on a Wednesday afternoon for sure. After that we drove into East Hampton and Montauk, walked around the towns and ended with a dinner at Gosmond’s on the water. Unfortunately a seagull thought my dinner looked tasty and dove into my food while I was getting a drink. Those things are really mean there so watch out. However I was filled to the brim with enough food as it was and we head back into the city. It was time for some rest before a boat ride, Yankees game and Carmines Thursday in the city.


Wolffer Estate