Enjoy the Outdoors this Weekend!

It's supposed to be an absolutely gorgeous weekend filled with sunny skies so I thought I'd give you some great outdoor food ideas to enjoy every second of it! First up Madison Square Market which closes up shop on Friday. I stopped by for one last Asia Dog the other day and got The Mash- an all beef dog with spicy ketchup, jalapeno mustard and crushed up salt and pepper potato chips.

Can you say delicious!!! OMG I loved this even more than the Wangding- I'm a firm believer that ketchup NEVER belongs on a hot dog but this changed my opinion forever.

Over in Midtown you can check out the new BeerParc and enjoy one of the games on the Giant 35 ft. Screen. They have about 10 different beers on tap and food carts from Fatty Snacks, Edi & the Wolf and Thai food from Harold Dieterle. If you’re looking for some time on the water you’ve got two great options over on the East Side. Riverpark added some additional tables to their outdoor space complete with a separate snack menu from the inside restaurant.

At first we were a little put off by the strange wet, grainy texture on the outside of the almonds but the sweet, spicy flavor completely rocked my world. I would eat a whole bowl of these any day. The smoked olives on the other hand were absolutely disgusting. I don’t know whose idea it was to put together smoke and brine was but this stuff tasted rancid.

The peppery potato chips were complemented nicely with a Gorgonzola dipping sauce and some sprigs of rosemary.

But if your in the mood for more than just snacks head across the highway to the Crow’s Nest for some Pina Coladas on the water and some seriously tasty sliders. They changed their entire menu since last year and added some beer bucket specials along with some delicious sounding fry baskets. Unfortunately they were out of a lot of the drink mixers when we visited Memorial Day but hopefully they re-stocked their bar by now.

If downtown is more your thing then maybe a trip to the New Amsterdam Market is just the thing for you. It reopens this Sunday at the Seaport and is always filled great bread, cheese and meat vendors.

New Amsterdam Market

So enjoy the nice weekend in the sun! Good weather is here to stay for awhile I think. Soak it up!

The Crow's Nest