Happy Thursday Happy Hour!

This is officially a drink for Thursdays Only. The new Flatiron spot Gravy opened about a month ago featuring southern comfort food and drink in the old MetroCafe space. I swung by a few Thursday back and enjoyed their Thursday $6.00 Hurricane special. First I tried out the original Hurricane made with J.M. Blanc/Diplomatico Rums, Pomegranate, Pineapple and Reagan’s Orange Bitters.

Prior to this experience I believed I hated Hurricanes. I’ve had them quite a few times and almost always I’ve been given vile tasting alcohol bombs that serve no purpose except to f**k you up. Not Here- this cocktail was delicious with extremely balanced flavors and long refreshing end that made me sit back and relax. It was so good I had to get another. This time I tried out Gravy’s signature Hurricane known as the Category 6 and made with Oronoco Rum, Passion Fruit, Lime Juice and The Kraken Floater.

Although this one was still tasty it wasn’t as good as the first. The Sour Pomegranate really helped equalize the Rum in the first where the passion Fruit here overpowered and made it too sweet. So since my second didn’t fair as well I decided to have one more of the original before happy hour ended.

I’ll tell you what- although those don’t taste as strong as the ones I’ve had before- they most certainly are. I was downright tipsy leaving Gravy and Mr. T certainly wasn’t feeling any pain himself. For $6.00 a pop this is a fantastic way to spend a Thursday night. Welcome to the Neighborhood Gravy!!