M. Wells

I feel a little like everyone and their mother has written about M. Wells already so I’ll try to make this one short, focusing most on the pictures but I will finish it off with some serious service issues we experienced.

M. Wells opened up in Long Island City almost a year ago with a focus on Quebeco-American cuisine. Located inside an old diner car the setting is certainly unique and I was prepared for it to be a bit hectic because of the small space. We started out with some appetizers:

Escargot & Bone Marrow with Shallots, Red Wine Puree

Cesar Salad with Smoked Herring dressing

I didn’t try any of the Bone Marrow but it looked amazing. The Cesar Salad was pretty darn amazing itself! The Smoked Herring gave the salad such depth and being Polish it really brought back memories of herring dinners at my grandmother's house.

We actually had the Blue Cheese Salad with Beauty Greens, Apples and Walnuts as well but I never got a picture. However I had a few bites and it was awesome!! Some of the best blue cheese I’ve ever tasted with a light, citrus dressing that rocked.

Let’s move onto our Entrees of the evening:

Beef Tartar of Filet Mignon and poached egg

Soft Shell Crab Club Sandwich

Meatloaf Sandwich

Sausage Breakfast Platter

Even though Beef Tartar was an appetizer I ordered it as my main since I love tartar so much.

Unfortunately as you can see the egg on top was overcooked and not runny in the slightest. The wonderful filet was filled with pickled bits which completed overshadowed the flavor of the meat. This was a complete disappointment.

I skipped a bit of the Crab Sandwich but tried out some of the breakfast platter. It certainly tasted good but I wasn't exactly wowed either. The duck fat potatoes didn't have much flavor and the sausage patty was average. Last but certainly not least- dessert!

Banana Creme Pie

Maple Pie

Rhubarb Cheesecake

These were exceptional! Easily the best banana cream pie I have ever had with a delicate flaky crust, real bold banana flavor and a wonderful vanilla cream on top. The sweet custard maple pie and creamy rhubarb cheesecake were amazing as well. I would make the trek out to M. Wells just to pick up some of these.

So overall food wise M. Wells was a bit hit or miss. While the appetizers and desserts rocked my world, the entrees were pretty disappointing. I would really like to come back again and try out some other things because the menu is so interesting.

I will NOT be running right back however because the service at this place was abysmal. When we first sat down it took about 15 minutes for anyone to even notice we were there (and this is a tiny place). Once they did notice we ordered two beers-one a large format beer and one regular. Our waiter came back about 10 minutes later with the large beer then said to me "I'll be right back with yours". About 10 minutes later I finally catch his eye and motion for a drink and he seems to remember. How hard is it to remember 2 beers?

Well this continued through the entire meal. It took forever for us to place our order and not once did he come back and check on us throughout the dinner. The large beer between four people was done in about 20 minutes and our empty glasses just sat on the table. The meal lasted a good two hours and as a group we would normally have quite a few drinks in that period. Why hype up a cocktail list by Dutch Kills veterans when you won't ask your patrons if they want another drink? Water glasses were never filled and plates took much too long to be cleared away. I understand it's a small cramped restaurant but that does not excuse non-existent service.

It was just annoying and really put a damper on the entire meal. There are far too many wonderful restaurants in this great city of ours to put up with such lousy service. So for now I'm holding off on a return visit. If I find myself in Long Island City again maybe I'll swing by.