A Manly Brunch at Primehouse

It’s no secret that I love brunch and Mr. T hates it. However once in a while we find a place that both of us like and Primehouse is the most recent.

Truth be told we’d been avoiding this place. Primehouse took over the old Park Avenue Country Club spot and even thought that place was pretty awful it held a special place in our hearts. Every year we would reserve a table for the start of March Madness and spend the whole day focused on basketball, beer drinking and gambling. It was awesome. So when the place got sold we were a little upset but it was about time to let bygones be bygones. It was a gorgeous sunny day and only two other tables were filled outside when we arrived so we had our pick of the lot.

Much like the other BR Restaurant group brunch always begins with a free cocktail. Here the choices were more varied than usual- Mimosa, Bloody Mary, Bellini, Champagne, Screwdriver or Campari. I had a Bellini and noticed the brunch menu was more varied as well. There were a lot more options than most brunch places.

Before our entrees let’s check out the free bread basket filled with some insanely delicious banana bread and a Raisin Brioche.

But we’re here for the main attraction and Mr. T’s Classic Breakfast Sandwich really got my attention. This thing was enormous first off and the “Crispy Bacon” menu description was seriously spot on. Sure you can get a breakfast sandwich for much cheaper at the delis around the city but this thing was awesome. And it came with a Screwdriver!!

However the star of the show was my Classic Burger with Gruyere Cheese. Good lord this burger was absolutely amazing.

The meat was charbroiled so the outside had those crispy edges while the inside was a perfect medium rare. This was probably the best seasoned burger I’ve ever had. There were notes of salt and pepper but neither detracted from the high quality beef and oozing cheese. I’m not a fan of steak fries but these were actually awesome. They somehow retained an incredibly crispy texture without being too fluffy.

Also awesome- it was served all together so you could tell it was just a whole potato sliced up and fried. Pretty neat presentation.

The bill ended up coming to $30.00 which for a bread basket, two enormous entrees and two drinks…that’s cheaper than Shake Shack for goodness sake. Primehouse gets a big star in my book.



This brunch at Primehouse sounds enticing. Who could hate brunch? It's simply a reason to sleep in on the weekends and start your day with drinks and food (always a win). The burger looks cooked to perfection for anyone who enjoys medium rare, and that egg sandwich is...well...massive! Thank you so much for sharing this find...we will definitely have to give Primehouse a try!