Pop Bar and Grill

I was pleasantly surprised to see Pop Burger had opened up a new location of their restaurant right on University Place. We swung by on a Friday night to check out the goods compared to their Meatpacking location. This space is about four times the size and has a pretty nice wooden bar in back (although it was crazy dark back there) and a couple flat screens for watching sports.

I ordered a Flying Dog in Heat wheat from their quite large beer list and then noticed the extended food list.

It’s broken down into the original items and the new “pub” items.

We couldn’t decide so we just ordered a bunch of things to split. It’s food time!

First up the classic Pop Cheeseburger. At the old Pop location I always found the burgers to be too dense. It tasted like they shaped the meat too long and formed an over hard patty. The meat had none of that texture- juicy, moist meat with an excellent char on the edges and wonderful seasoning. The only thing missing from this mini burger was a crispy pickle on top. That would have sealed the deal for me.

The Popcorn Shrimp on the other hand were horrible. The tiny shrimp seemed to be coated in batter an inch thick and all I could taste was pepper. The tarter dipping sauce had a strange tang that reminded me of bad yogurt. I had two bites and was done.

The tarter tots were good though- super crispy and piping hot inside. But seriously- I can make tots at home if I really wanted. It’s hard for me extol to much excitement on these.

I thoroughly enjoyed the beer and burgers at this location and it was great to sit by the open windows up front and street watch. Apparently El Cantinero gets the dance party going early on their 2nd floor because people were going nuts and it wasn’t even sundown! There was also a strange tree hanging out of the window above and I couldn’t figure out why it was there. If anyone goes by and sees what I’m talking about please let me know. There’s strange happenings over on that strip.

Pop Burger