Sardi's Lunch

Sardi’s has been a long time favorite of mine for cocktails and wine with a fabulous happy hour spread. The bar area is always bustling before and after the theatre and everyone seems to be in a jovial mood. When Groupon was doing a special coupon for lunch I jumped at the chance to finally try out a proper meal here for half the price.

I went to Sardi’s on a Friday afternoon right around 2:00 and to say the place was dead would be an understatement. There was only two other tables full when I arrived, one with business men and one with two ladies from Kansas and Pennsylvania. The vast restaurant seemed more like a tomb. The offbeat elevator music playing didn’t make things any better but I cheered up after speaking with my gruff but friendly old waiter.

I decided to do the two course business lunch with a dessert rather than an appetizer. For my main I ordered the Bistro Salad: Sautéed Steak with Mixed Greens, Grilled Onions, Goat Cheese and Red Beet Vinaigrette.

The salad was enormous and at first I absolutely loved it. The steak was cooked perfect, the red vinaigrette was vibrant and the goat cheese tasted excellent with a little fresh ground pepper on top. The salad was supposed to come with Portobello Mushrooms but I asked for it without. Perhaps this is the reason for an exorbitant amount of caramelized onions??

Look at this pile! I ate a bunch and this is the leftovers! That’s a little crazy. Unfortunately as I continued to eat my salad it became apparent that the top leaves had a proper amount of dressing while the bottom was absolutely drenched. The little chopped up pieces of beet made the whole dish too sweet and I found myself wiping the plate to cut down on the vinaigrette overpowering everything.
It’s too bad actually since the salad components were excellent.

One thing I did love about the meal was cute little pot of coffee they brought out. This was so old fanshioned and fancy I loved every second of it.

For dessert I ordered Sardi’s Rice Pudding thinking that it must be wonderful since the restaurant name is in the description. The presentation was nice but this honestly tasted like it was made out of a box. I loved the sugared orange rind on top but then I hit some sort of licorice piece. It absolutely killed my taste buds and I couldn’t recover. It was a not a pleasant surprise. I suggest Sardi’s hire someone from Rice to Riches to stop by and give some support. This thing was downright horrible.

So unfortunately I found the old classic a bit tired. It’s a shame because the servers were so quirky and the spot has so much history. However I will still come back for drinks at the bar. I love the theater crowd and my father ruled the masses one rainy day here. Keep selling those drinks Sardi’s- your food’s certainly not going to fill all those seats.