Septime- Paris

After bringing home some of those delicious Stohrer pastries for Mr. T we headed out the door for what I was expecting to be one of the best days of our trip.  It just happened to be Valentines Day and even though I hate that holiday I was beyond excited for our lunch at Septime; the Michelin starred spot by Chef Bertrand Grebaut's that's currently on the World's 50 Best Restaurant List and also one of the most difficult restaurant reservations to achieve in Paris.  I was so looking forward to a long, relaxing lunch with nothing to do expect drink wine and bask in some delicious food.  

Unfortunately I started feeling a bit ill on the walk over to Septime; actually very ill. Something from breakfast had sent stabbing pains to the sides of my stomach and sweat was beginning to streak down from the top of my head.   I had moments where I thought I might just pass out right there on the sidewalk; but I absolutely refused to get sick again on vacation (as happened with our last European trip).  I just repeating in my head "mind over matter- you can do this" and you know what... I actually did make it through lunch that afternoon.

The smell of fresh lavender as we entered the rustic yet refined restaurant immediately put me more at ease and delicately thin, salted bread sticks with creamy ricotta cheese actually helped my stomach a bit. I pushed onward for Septime's 4 course tasting menu with the diners choice of entree. 

1st Course- Scallops with egg yolk and black truffle.

2nd Course- Roasted Cauliflower with pepper dulse & pear

3rd Course (my entree)- Smoked Quail with cabbage & grapefruit juice 

3rd Course (Mr. T's entree)- Pollack with lovage, cabbage and pistachio powder

4th Course- Salted Caramel Semifreddo with brown butter and lemon sabayon.

The addition of pepper dulse (a form of seaweed that tastes like black truffle) to the cauliflower dish with sweet pear was absolutely amazing as was the simple but perfect dessert.  I honestly couldn't really eat either of the entrees (my stomach was still on super shaky ground), but Mr. T happily noted he loved the smokiness of the quail and the delightful flurry of pistachio powder on the pollack (he may not have said "delightful flurry" exactly but that's what he meant :).

The salted caramel dessert actually had a brief but magical effect that made my stomach feel the best it had all day.  So much better in fact we decided to take a long walk down to Brewberry for one of my favorite lambics of all time Cantillon Kriek.  Ahhhh if only everything could have ended on a happy note right there.

80 Rue de Charone
Paris 11