London- Rules, Blacklock, Gordons & J Sheekey

We got back to London around 2:00 Sunday afternoon and had less than 24 hours to enjoy the city before hopping on a plane to Iceland.  Luckily almost everything new I wanted to check out was right in our area; first stop Rules Restaurant.

Rules was established in 1798 by Thomas Rule and currently holds the title of oldest restaurant in London. We already had plans for a Sunday Roast elsewhere so we looked around the gorgeous restaurant a bit then headed upstairs to the hidden cocktail bar on the 2nd floor.  I absolutely love anything old and elegant and this place was absolutely dripping with both; plush red couches, thick velvet carpeting and a gorgeous dark wooden bar manned by well suited bartenders.  

Since we were celebrating the spirit of the 1800's I ordered a classic cocktail from that era the Clover Club a blend of gin, lemon juice, fresh egg white and raspberry liqueur.

I honestly have no idea what Mr. T ordered.  It was definitely bourbon based and came in this tiny little ladle that was quite amusing to watch him drink from.

Our next stop was Blacklock, currently named the Best Sunday Roast in London and about as far from old and elegant as one can get.  As we walked down the staircase to this subterranean steakhouse 80's pop music greeted us over the loud speakers, large groups of diners clinked Bloody Mary's while huge plates of meat came flying out of the kitchen.  It wasn't obnoxious like some party brunch spots in NYC; more like casual night out with friends where everyone just seemed to be having an amazing experience. 

And we certainly did have an amazing experience starting with the incredible food.  We split the "All In" a mixed roast of Beef, Lamb and Pork served with Yorkshire Pudding, duck fat roasted potatoes, heritage carrots and broccoli.  

Just look at this enormous Yorkshire Pudding.  Crisp on the outside with a chewy, buttery middle; this was pastry perfection.

The meat was glorious on its own but the addition of Bone Marrow Gravy to the mix definitely pushed this into serious levels of foodgasm.  

Blacklock also had great deals on drinks during Sunday brunch including Negroni's, Spiked Iced Teas and Nettle Gimlets for just five pounds a piece.  We both agreed we might come here for lunch every Sunday if we lived in London.

After Blacklock we wandered around for a while, picking up some last minute gifts for friends and family while trying to work off some of that incredible roast.  When nightfall landed we stopped into our go-to spot Gordon's Wine Bar for a lovely bottle of red on the outdoor patio...

...and then finally ended the night with a Fruits De Mer Platter and dessert at the wonderful J Sheekey, something that's become a tradition almost every trip to London.

34-35 Maiden Lane
Covent Garden. London

47 Villers Street
Covent Garden, London

28-32 Saint Martin's Ct
Covent Garden. London