Reykjavik- Ostabudin

There were three final things we felt we NEEDED to get before leaving Iceland- a ridiculously fresh fish dish, some sort of seafood stew and the famous Icelandic Hot Dog.  We tried to start with the stew trudging across the city to Old Iceland Restaurant only to find it closed.  Undeterred we continued on to the next stop Ostabudin, a specialty cheese store and deli with a small restaurant attached serving up fresh seafood.

The catch that day was Cod served with leek, potato and mushroom, simply grilled in a cream sauce studded with fresh dill.

This cod was thick and tender with large chunks that flaked apart easily with a fork. The slightly sweet flavor of the meat and hearty mushroom sauce created a big bowl of winter weather happiness that we demolished within seconds.

All of the dishes come with a basket of warm, fluffy bread made in house just perfect for sopping up all that wonderful sauce.

Paired with an Icelandic White Ale from Einstok Beer Company this was just about as proper as one could get in Iceland.

8 Skolavoerdustigur
Reykjavik, Iceland