Frenchie Wine Bar- Paris

Day Two of our trip Mr. T and I woke up in London, having had a successful long sleep (which hardly ever happens to us) and hopped on a train to Paris. We arrived right around 5:00 and had just enough time to check into our hotel and grab a quick cocktail at Lockwood before heading to Frenchie Wine Bar for dinner.

We had such an incredible meal at Frenchie proper last time (aka Gramercygate) we just had to check out the more causal sister restaurant across the street-Frenchie Wine Bar.  We started with a lovely bottle of Pinot Blanc and a bowl of creamy Burrata studded with bright yellow cherry tomato, fried onion and pumpkin seeds.

Black Truffle Tortellini with smoked cauliflower followed...a delightful explosion of rich, earthy umami flavors that tasted sinfully decadent but were actually light as air.  This was a dish we both inadvertently ate with eyes closed, lest nothing interfere with the incredible flavors taking over our taste buds.  We actually loved this dish so much we ended up ordering another one right away,  something I don't think we've ever done in restaurant.

Roasted Chicken with grilled root vegetables and citrus was also an explosion of flavors; there was no truffle or foie gras as with many roast chicken dishes in NYC, just a beautifully cooked bird.

For dessert the Frenchie Banoffee, neither a pie nor a parfait but more of toffee mousse served over banana slices and chocolate crumbles.  Certainly not a "miss" but not quite up to caliber with the other dishes which had all been close to perfection.

I was worried Frenchie wouldn't wow us since we had just had that fabulous meal at the Barbary the night before but it was wonderful in every way.  We even got the best seat in the house overlooking the tiny kitchen window where all that glorious food was being chopped and plated.  It was an exquisite meal.

We ended the night around the block at the brand new craft beer bar Hoppy Corner before retiring to bed. First night back in Paris a delicious and resounding success.

5 Rue du Nil
Paris, France 75002