Reykjavik- Islenski Barinn

Our final stop in Iceland was to be the famous hot dog cart Baejarins Beztu Pylsur.  We knew there would be a line, we were prepared for that but we weren't prepared for the freezing cold winds whipping off the water that afternoon.  I'll be honest- I didn't even last 60 seconds.  We only had two hours of vacation left and I didn't want to spend them in the freezing cold.  So we headed to Islenski Barinn instead for some food and warmth.

Mr. T had been dying to try something different like Puffin or fermented Shark while in Iceland (ewww to both of those) so we ordered Fin Whale with pickled chilies, herbs and citrus dressing.  I absolutely hated the cold, chewy texture of this but I didn't really expect to enjoy it anyway.  I was there to complete my hot dog mission.

Slow cooked lamb sausage dog with Bearnaise sauce, pickled cucumbers, fried onions and chives.  Sloppy, meaty & delicious- yes...

...served with some crispy Waffle Fries- double yes.

The beer list at Islenski was as great as the food.  We both ordered a couple of dark, coffee forward Surtur stouts that were perfect for staying nice and warm.

After our late lunch we stopped back at the hotel, said goodbye to some friends we had made along the way...

...and then headed to the airport for the flight back to NYC.  

What a fabulous way to spend 10 cold February days- Until next time!

1a Ingolfsstraeti
Reykjavik, Iceland