New Brew Friday- Armand'4 Herfst

In honor of our anniversary Mr. T and I decided to crack open one of our favorite beers of all time Armand'4 Herst from Brouwerji Drie Fonteinen.  We actually had the chance to visit this incredible place last year which you can check out here; then stumbled across this very bottle in the shop attached to Mikkeller and Friends where we drank the amazing summer version Zomer.

The aroma of this is a big crazy mix of bright lemon, oak, white wine and tons of that dusty barnyard funk that seemed to envelop our entire living room.  The flavor is just bursting with that acidic, nutty, toasted sesame goodness I absolutely adore. Good lord what I wouldn't give to drink this entire set on my own one day...Cheers!

Drie Fonteinen