It seems like everyone is talking about Chef Justin Smillie's Upland. The newest of the STARR restaurant's to hit the neighborhood was jam packed on a recent Tuesday evening. We barely squeezed our way onto the last bar stools just minutes before the bar area swelled to three people deep and it was only 5:00.  I'm not exactly a big fan of crowds so I quickly ordered a glass of wine and the one dish I wanted to try most Beef Tartare.

It's always cool to see the various tartare preparations in the city; here the beef is topped with puffed faro and black trumpet mushroom with egg yolk and anchovy powder on the side.  The farro imparts a spongy texture to the meat while the anchovy brings a salty aquatic flavor that's strangely satisfying.

Regardless of sitting in the main room or bar area, each diner receives a small loaf of warm, buttery potato bread that's so delicious on it's own there's no need for the small round of butter.

I had to leave after the Beef Tartare as the crowds had gotten downright insane.  Mr. T was giving me the evil "Why did you take me HERE" eye and I couldn't blame him as we made our way through the loud obnoxious groups in front.  I'll say one thing this guy certainly knows how to pack a restaurant.

345 Park Avenue South at 26th St.
New York, NY 10010