Restuarant Week at Park Avenue Winter

Restaurant Week is a great excuse to meet up with old friends, try out a brand new place and share a little bit of everything OR you could go to an old favorite, order the same exact thing as your dining mate and still have an incredible time, which is basically what Carrie and I did at Park Avenue Winter.

We both began with the Peekytoe Crabcake, a crisp buttery mound of fresh crab meat with hearts of palm and citrus...

...followed by the Lobster Salad, a $10 supplement on the RW menu but totally worth it for the huge hunks of lobster meat, ripe avocado and fennel.  Both of these dishes were just so fresh and light, a fantastic departure from the usual winter menus filled with root vegetables and beef.  Oh and don't forget about those wonderful Parker House rolls with butter and rosemary.

The only time we ordered different items was dessert.  For some reason I just couldn't pass up the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

This was a standard Pudding with sliced banana on the bottom and rich caramel toffee sauce on the top.  It was quite tasty on its own but paled in comparison to Carrie's ridiculously delicious Salted Pistachio Sundae.

Thick, creamy pistachio ice cream drizzled with orange marmalade and a dark chocolate caramel sauce; the perfect combo of salty and sweet with crunchy bites of pistachio studding the bowl. I wanted to reach across the table and take it all for myself but I showed some restraint and just shared a few bites.

The atmosphere doesn't quite live up to the space on the UES but the hanging glass globes and free form tree branches made it feel festive.  Overall it was lovely meal and clearly a restaurant week winner.

Park Avenue South & 26th Street
New York, NY 10010