City Kitchen

Working in Times Square just got a whole lot better last week.  NYC's newest food hall City Kitchen finally opened its doors and unleashed a slew of great food options.  There's a couple East Village favorites like Whitman's flipping their incredible burgers...

...and Luke's Lobster churning out all three of their rolls Lobster, Crab and Shrimp.

One of my neighborhood favorites Ilili Box has all sorts of Mediterranean delights like their rich Duck Sharma, Phonecian Fries and crispy Brussels Sprout topped with mint yogurt and fig puree.

Ramen fans won't be disappointed with Kuro Obi.  The Kuro Moderne from this Ippudo offshoot is just as porky and rich as the original and the fat, delicious Hirata Pork Buns make an appearance as well.

Azuki has a long sushi counter at the end of the hall with fresh sashami, house rolls and salads.

Plus there's all sorts of tacos from Gabriela's Taqueria including Al Pastor, Crispy Fish and Steak...

...along with Breakfast Tacos for those who need a quick fix in the morning.  They also have breakfast totally covered on the sweet end with the incredible doughnuts from DOUGH...

...and Sigmund's Pretzels are good about just about anytime of day.  There's Everything crusted for breakfast, Truffle Cheddar for lunch and Churro dusted for dessert!

Wooley's Shaved Snow is also on hand as another dessert option. I highly suggest topping the cold, fluffy snow with some Fruity Pebbles and Sea Salt Leche as I did.

And for when that long hard day calls for something a bit stronger there's plenty of drink options from wine to beer and Cucumber Gimlets. 

It was clear from the excitement in the room at the opening party that food halls are all the rage. People want choices; why settle for one lunch option when you can have four or five under one roof.  With the success of other markets like Gotham West and Hudson Eats I think I can safely say City Kitchen is here to stay.

700 8th Avenue at 44th St.
New York, NY 10036