Getting WastED One Last Time

Today is the final day of the amazing pop up inside Blue Hill- WastED.   Which means only one more night to taste the phenomenal Dumpster Dive Salad.   I truly didn't believe leftover fruits and veggies could be this good but there's something incredible about the combination of apple, carrot, pistachio and creamy whipped chickpea water .

I'm just sad I missed this salad on my first visit.  Luckily Mr. T was by my side this time around so we were able to try out more of the menu.

My only repeat dish was the Pasta Trimmings.  I really wanted Mr. T to try that briny, rich smoked fish head sauce.  He was on the fence when we ordered but after just one bite he was hooked.  Apparently we both love monkfish tripe and fish head- who knew? 

Philippe Bertineau and Alain Ducasse were the Guest Chefs that night.  They put together an insane platter of Head Cheese, Pig Trotters, Tongue and Offal Stew.  

Then we finished with Dog Food, a dish inspired by neighborhood butcher Dickson's Farmstead Meats.  They combined dairy cow meat from the Blue Hill Farm with the leftover offal cuts, usually used for dog food, to create a rich, tender meatloaf paired with unfit potatoes and gravy.

I absolutely loved this pop up.  Not only was the food spectacular but each visit was a lesson in food waste and reuse.  Cheers to Dan Barber and crew for putting together something so delicious and exciting.

75 Washington Place
New York, NY 10011