Philadelphia- Brunch at Khyber Pass Pub

I love a quick weekend trip to Philadelphia.  We usually shoot down on the train Saturday morning, eat drink and explore as much as humanly possible for the next 36 hours and then return home by Sunday night.  It's such a quick and easy escape. Unfortunately we completely timed this one for the last Grateful Dead show in Chicago went on sale just as we were exiting our cab.  We stood on a corner in the freezing cold for about 20 minutes before finally shuffling into Khyber Pass to continue the frustrating cycle of refresh and deny.

Khyber is billed as a gastropub but if visions of the Spotted Pig come to mind erase them.  This is gastro grunge rock style with a super dark bar up front and wooden rickety tables in the back.  It's everything I love about a dive bar but with an incredible beer list and fantastic food. The brunch menu had all the usual suspects plus a few New Orleans treats like big, fluffy beignets and Shrimp 'n Grits.  I finally decided on Breakfast #5 which had a little bit of everything- two eggs, toast, creamy grits and a side of praline bacon.  

Wait...praline bacon you say?  Yes thick, crispy bacon drizzled with maple syrup and tossed in a crunchy coating of chopped nuts.  A crazy delicious combination that actually worked. 

Mr. T's BBQ Brisket and Sweet Potato Hash was also incredible.  The meat was so tender and rich it's already on the agenda for dinner our next trip.  

We never got any Grateful Dead tickets.  We actually gave up after brunch and walked up to Shane's Candies; a cool vintage candy shop that dates back to the 1800's.   Then it was onto City Tavern for a Colonial flight of beer in a historical old space. It was a classic Philadelphia, brunch and history.

Khyber Pass Pub
56 South Second Street at Chestnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

Shane Candies
110 Market Street at Letitia Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106

City Tavern
138 South Second Street at Walnut Street
Philadelphia, PA 19106