Restaurant Week at The 21 Club

I had one last opportunity for a restaurant week meal and I found myself standing outside The 21 Club.  I absolutely love the feel of old NYC establishments; places like the refined Bemelmans Bar, the stately Keens Steakhouse and cozy White Horse Tavern are some of my favorite spots in the city.

The 21 Club is certainly impressive with a gorgeous wrought-iron gate entrance protecting the ornamental jockeys that adorn the windows and a secret wine cellar inside used extensively during Prohibition time.

I was seated in the back room with an excellent view of the storied ceiling decorated with collections of toys. A bread basket was dropped at my table approximately 5 seconds within sitting.  It was the fastest bread basket I've ever been served actually.  The food menu followed soon after but for some reason it took three different attempts to see a wine list.  My waiter actually looked shocked when I inquired.  "Didn't I want to place my food order first and then look" he inquired. Sure...that's just backwards to the rest of the world. No big deal though.

The 21 Cesar Salad was exactly as expected; big leafy Romaine leaves, overdressed with Cesar dressing and Parmesan cheese...a standard Cesar.

The Red Wine Braised Short Rib with parsnip puree and root vegetables was delicious.  The meat fell apart with just a slight twist of the fork.  For dessert Caramel Banana Sundae was everything I wanted and more; crunchy cookie ice cream, caramel beads, banana slivers and a cookie on the side all drizzled with warm caramel sauce- simply delightful.

I was very happy to visit for restaurant week but I don't think I'll be coming back anytime soon.  The food was very good but I've certainly had much better for the high price on the regular menu and service was just bizarre.  I had a lovely woman come over once or twice to see how I was doing but my main waiter couldn't be bothered. I didn't care so much until I watched him approach the two older gentleman sitting next to me and actually mock them when they asked for a wine list. They had just been reminiscing about their first time at the 21 Club over 15 years ago and their sentimental banter quickly turned into great shock and upset.  I felt absolutely terrible for them. When I left they were still waiting to seemed the waiter had deemed them unacceptable for proper service. I passed the lovely woman on my way out and whispered that the gentlemen may need some assistance.  I can only hope they're not sitting there still.

21 West 52nd Street between 5th & 6th
New York, NY 10019


Clara77 said…
That really sucks. That's exactly why I gave up on Restaurant Week a few years ago. It seems to put the wait staff in a bad mood and they take it out on the diners. Too bad though- sorry :(
Roze said…
It happens- I knew the risks going in but thanks :)