Return to Maysville

I've been obsessing about the apple butter at Maysville since my last visit so I returned for another brunch, this time with Mr. T along for the ride.  He enjoyed the mini muffin and creamy apple starter, but didn't quite reach my level of excitement (he usually doesn't).  He was much more into his entree the Crispy Grits with smoked ham, caramelized onions, brussels sprout and sauce mornay.

When the menu listed the grits as "crispy" I wasn't expecting what actually arrived.  They came in a big square, sliced like a thick polenta cake with the sprouts and ham layered on top.  This was a bit too heavy for me but Mr. T loved the smoky flavors going on.  

As you can see my Kale Salad wasn't exactly a "lighter" choice. It was chock full of crispy fried chicken, squash, pecans, cheddar and a creamy maple buttermilk dressing.  It's basically everything a salad really should be in my opinion. The dark meat chicken had an excellent salty exterior and I absolutely loved the dressing as I'm a huge proponent of anything maple.  

Overall another solid meal without the crazy brunch scene Mr. T absolutely hates.  This may become a brunch place we actually agree upon going to!