Brunch at The Marrow

It's been over a year since Harold Dieterle opened his German Italian restaurant in the West Village. I had planned on going opening week but as life gets busy things just fall of my plate and it wasn't until last week that I finally had a chance to check it out.

The cozy bistro was relatively quiet at brunch; a nice change from the craziness some restaurants exude on Saturday afternoon.  I began with one of their brunch cocktails the Cheetah Juice, a flirty pink drink made with champagne, aperol and grand marnier...

...before moving onto the menu which had a wide variety of  options from classic Baked Eggs and Spiced Waffles to Ricotta Cavatelli and a hearty Duck Meatloaf Sandwich.  Everything sounded wonderful but in the end I was feeling like some healthy greens so the Scarlett Butter Lettuce Salad seemed like a perfect choice.

Mango, marcona almonds and black truffle pecorino combined with a light almond vinaigrette to make such a delightful salad that I've been recreating it at home all week with delicious success.  

Mr. T ordered a homey Corned Beef and Hash, a special on the menu that day to celebrate the upcoming St. Patrick's holiday.  

We skipped dessert and ended the meal with some complementary Oatmeal Raisin cookies that were just the perfect size.  The Marrow was a lovely way to brunch in the West Village.