More of Sushi Dojo

We loved this little den of Japanese delights so much we decided to make a return trip and try some of the a la carte items we couldn't fit in during the omakase.

We began with a review of their extensive sake menu and the Kikusui Perfect Snow was a great choice.  The crisp, slightly sweet flavor was perfect for pairing with our first dish the Tasting of Uni.

Maine, Santa Barbera and Hokkaido...all three were silky and rich but I think we enjoyed the firm texture of the one from Maine the best.  

We went pretty standard next with a tasty Tuna Scallion Roll and a few pieces of unagi....

...before moving onto the "live" portion of the meal with an enormous live Sea Scallop.

This was my first experience with a live scallop and I couldn't get over the incredible sweet, creamy flavor.  It was so soft it was almost melting onto the leaf after being popped out of the shell.  This may have been the best scallop I've ever tasted.

The final portion of the meal was live uni from Maine. It had that salty ocean brine that I love but the cold, jiggly texture completely turned me off.   This is one thing Mr. T can enjoy on his own next visit.  Overall another great meal...I'm really starting to love this little East Village spot.