My Last Little Cake from Blackhound

I was so sad last week to hear that one of my favorite bakeries in the city was closing up their East Village shop. Blackhound has been my go to bakery for years! They have so many incredible cake flavors like the Pear Almond, Raspberry Poppyseed and the always delicious Chocolate Giandjua.

The best part about these cakes besides their incredible flavors was always the size. I could stop in and pick up a mini cake just perfect for Mr. T and I to share.

My last visit on Thursday I had a hard time deciding what to choose, but in the end it was their insanely sweet Chocolate Mousse Cake that won my heart. I've always loved that Polka Dot crust encasing all the fudgy chocolate cake inside. The best part about my last visit however was learning that they will still sell their cakes online out of their bakery in Greenpoint. So although they are no longer in the East Village I can still pick up a delicious cake or two when I get a craving. So sad to see such an institution have to move but I wish them all the luck in Brooklyn. 

Blackhound Bakery