Beyond Sushi

I was searching for a quick lunch in Chelsea Market and the colorful rolls from Beyond Sushi just seemed to jump out at me from behind the counter.  

These aren't your average sushi rolls.  They're 100% vegan filled only with fruits and veggies and each one comes with it's own little plastic bottle of sauce for dipping.  There's all kinds of crazy combinations like the Crunch N' Munch with alpha, cucumber, kiwi, baked tofu and miso sauce; the Green Machine with six grain rice, asparagus, basil marinated veggies and jalapeno wasabi sauce or my absolute favorite the Spicy Mang... rice, avocado, mango, cucumber and spicy veggie with a creamy toasted cayenne sauce.  It's got a great texture and is super satisfying.  I ended up eating here three days in a row I loved it so much!