We were invited to dinner at Riverpark last weekend and I was reminded once again how wonderful this restaurant is in the evening.  The large square room was decorated with sexy candles, moonlight shimmered on the water outside and jazz music played overhead as we perused the menu.  I began with a fresh Avocado & Hamachi Salad dotted with smokey chile's and bright pickled onions...

....then onto the Grilled Flatiron Steak & Smoked Wagyu Brisket for my entree.  I loved having two totally different types of meat on the plate...one incredibly juicy and tender, the other slightly fatty with a nice smokey char.

The pepper-chili salad and creamy corn gave the dish a casual "picnic in the park" feel, but make no mistake this was much better than any food I've been served at a picnic.

To complete the meal I ended with a light, refreshing lemon and almond tart while Mr. T went for the Chocolate Mousse.

I'm pretty sure those chocolate crunchies you see on the plate are Mr. T's favorite thing ever and cutting into the cake brought another delicious surprise...

...a rich center of liquid chocolate.  It doesn't get much more decadent than that.  Tom Colicchio's east side restaurant continues to be a neighborhood favorite for just about any occasion.