Restaurant Week at La Fonda Del Sol

I was granted the task of finding a Restaurant Week lunch spot that was both family friendly (for an 8 month old baby) and within walking distance of Grand Central.  This was a tall order to fill being that the area is mainly all business around lunchtime.  I finally decided upon La Fonda for it's open outdoor seating and incredibly close proximity. 

To be honest things didn't start off very well.  We weren't given the correct menus when first seated and then we sat there so long unattended that I actually had to get up and ask one of the waiters if we had a server for the table.  Luckily after those hiccups it was pretty much smooth sailing.  I began the meal with a Shrimp Ceviche.

This appetizer was enormous.  There were easily about eight big shrimp in the bowl with lots fresh tomato, peppers and tangy Valencia orange segments. 

I continued on the seafood route for my entree the Sea Scallops a la Plancha.  The scallops were cooked perfect with a little caramelized crunch on the outside and a slightly rare interior.  I loved the salsa verde but the wild leek sauce just didn't have much flavor. I think a little bit of heat or acidity would have brightened this dish up a bit.  It was tasty but definitely not memorable.

For dessert the Cinnamon Churro didn't look a thing like most churro's I've eaten in my life...much more like a Zeppole stuffed with ice cream or a deep fried Profiterole.  In the end it didn't matter though; with a dusting of powdered sugar and a drizzle of caramel sauce on the top I could care less about the name- it was simply delicious.  Overall a delightful afternoon and one last restaurant week meal in the books.