Keens Steakhouse

I love Keens.  It's one of my favorite places in the city.  Where else can you sit at a gorgeous old wooden bar and eat free hard boiled eggs while you sip on Dirty Martini's.

We dined there for a combo birthday dinner for Mr. T and Mr. Vogs (which was almost a month ago- I'm behind I tell you) and started off with some delicious appetizers like their creamy Wedge Salad...

...and their absolutely incredible thick cut bacon.  It's really just three fatty strips of salty, crisp goodness.

Someday I would like to try Luger's bacon side by side with Keens to compare...but I probably don't need two bacon appetizers:)

Mr. T went with his usual order here the Mutton Chop. It's an enormous saddle of lamb that has a really strong mineral flavor.  While I enjoy the Mutton, it's just too much for me so I ordered the Petite Filet Mignon.

The filet was excellent, cooked a perfect medium rare with a nice buttery char on the outside and a warm red center oozing with juices.  I was too full for dessert but it was a  birthday celebration soo...

Some chocolate cake arrived!  Just for the birthday boys (although I may have eaten a lot).  It was a fabulous celebratory meal inside one of my favorite NYC landmarks.  We may have to return for my birthday which is coming up next month!