Brunch at Isola

When my sister-in-law suggested we met up for brunch in SOHO I immediately thought of Isola.  I absolutely fell in love with the gorgeous glass chandeliers and lush greenhouse setting when Mr. T and I stopped by for a drink last year.   Brunch was a perfect time to experience the incredible setting and the surprisingly incredible food.

I'm a bit obsessed with baked eggs in tomato sauce and this was quite possibly the best one I've ever had.  The Eggs al Forno had big chunks of roasted tomato with hearty pieces of guanciale, tuscan kale and a flurry of herbed breadcrumbs on top.  It was so incredible I ended up using all the crusty bread to sop up each last bite of sauce.

Kate went the lunch route and ordered the Tonno BLT with tuna, smoked bacon and a caper aioli.  She said it was incredible...I wouldn't know since I was too busy devouring my egg dish.

The prices here aren't cheap.  The wines by the glass start at $13 and our entrees hovered right around the $20 mark...quite a bit more than I usually spend on a casual brunch.  But with happy full bellies and a celeb sighting to boot it was a successful and delicious brunch outing.  



Unknown said…
That looks amazing!