New Brew Friday- Hoponious Union

On our ride back from Maine (which I will get to at some point) Mr. T and I did a few pit stops in Connecticut and Massachusetts to seek out some beers that aren't distributed to NYC.  One of our goals was to try out a couple from Jack's Abby Brewing and we lucked into finding the Hoponious Union.

This is classified as an American Pale Lager...a style you don't see around much.  This is similar to an IPA but it's fermented cold and aged for long periods of time resulting in a lager instead of an ale.  So it's really an IPL instead of an IPA.  The nose smells of burnt orange rind and biscuit.  The taste is also orange with a little grapefruit, pine and a sweet bready finish. This feels a bit thicker to me than most IPA's and honestly reminds me of a Heady Topper with a little less lemon and a bit more malt. It's a great beer and my first from Jack's Abby Brewing.

Jacks Abby Brewing


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