Noosa Yogurt

I always try to start my day with something healthy.  I rotate between bananas and granola bars with an occasional egg white omelette with fresh veggies thrown in there.  Recently I've been hooked on yogurt and this new one I found is awesome- Noosa.

The yogurt is made at a small family owned dairy out in Colorado from "happy cows" they say and infused with locally produced clover alfalfa honey.

See how thick and creamy it is?  It has a luxurious, silky texture and a sweet tang to each bite.  I thought Blueberry was my favorite but then I tried the Strawberry Rubarb and was in love.

Mr. T likes the Honey flavor the best...yes that's right even Mr. T likes this and he's never been a big yogurt fan.  So if you want to try out something new to jump start your day I highly recommend picking up some Noosa.  I always feel better eating some pork belly or sweetbreads for dinner if I've had a healthy breakfast :)

Noosa Yoghurt