Happy Hour at Murray's Cheese Bar

The new cheese bar from Murray's in the West Village recently added a happy hour to their fabulous menu.  On Monday- Wednesday from 5-7, they offer $2 off all beer and wine plus a rotating cheese plate for only $10.

The evening we dined the plate consisted of Coupole, Taleggio and Ewephoria.  Mr. T liked the creamy Coupole goat cheese the best while I enjoyed the nutty, butterscotch flavor of the the Ewephoria.  

Of course one can't live on just wine and cheese alone.  Mr. T added on a Grilled Cheese sandwich that was rich and buttery with a creamy, cheesy bowl of Tomato Soup on the side.

I had a delicious Kale Cesar Salad with a lemony Cesar dressing, toasted breadcrumbs and cherry tomatoes.  It was so light and refreshing I even had room for a mini dessert from Rocco's across the street:)  Ahhhh...cheese and wine...two of my favorite things in the world done just right at Murray's.