More of Los Tacos No 1

I loved the pork taco so much on my last visit I just had to return and try out the rest of the tacos at Los Tacos.  This time I went for flour tortillas and the next two tacos Carne Asada (Steak) and Nopal (Cactus).

Once again I was disappointed by the first taco I tasted.  The cactus was mushy and limp with a strange minty after taste.  I only had about two bites before throwing this away.

The Carne Asada on the other hand was AMAZING!  It was finely chopped so there was no struggling with large pieces as you get with most steak tacos.  The meat left a nice, slow burn on the tongue that was incredibly satisfying.  A splash of lime juice on top for a little acidity and bam- perfection.

Los Tacos 1