Delaney Barbeque

NYC has really grown into quite the BBQ city over the past 10 years.  We have Texas BBQ at Hill Country, Kansas City Style out at John Brown Smokehouse and Dinosaur BBQ suddenly has four locations within an hour of my apartment!  This city has gone a bit BBQ crazy and I'd like to add Delaney Barbecue to the top of that list.

It's all about the brisket here at Delaney and you should reserve in advance to be sure it's not sold out before you arrive.  Truth be told we reserved our meat almost a year ago and finally got out there a few weeks back to check it out.  The tiny space is casual with a bar up front with a small but well chosen beer list and the sides and meat in the back.  

You would think three pounds of Brisket would be sufficient for six people but we decided to add on a hefty Short Rib as well.

Oh my goodness...this brisket was phenomenal.  It was rich and juicy with a nice smokey char on the outside and a little bit of sweet brown sugar in the glaze.  This is so good it's easy to overindulge so make sure you round out the meal with a few sides like a crispy Wedge Salad, some crunchy Zappo's chips or a delicious cup of Texas Cavier.

There's a big basket filled with sliced bread and extra sauce if you so choose so pick your poison and have at it. 

This is some seriously incredible meat.