V Bar St. Mark's

Always on the look out for a comfy bar to curl up in- V Bar in the East Village looked promising. 

 We stopped by the other day and I ordered a nice crisp Sauvignon Blanc for myself and a Lagunitas IPA for Mr. T. 

Since drinks are always more fun with snacks we split the Lobster Pancetta sliders which were absolutely huge- more sandwich than slider actually. 

An order of crispy pigs in a blanket.

And a zesty Beef Carpaccio Salad.

The lobster salad had a bit too many onions inside but otherwise was quite delicious. And for $10 quite an affordable and filling option at that.  Plus it was happy hour- which meant 1/2 price on drinks!  That kind of savings meant I had to have another!  I ended with a delicious NY state Cab Franc as a warm breeze streamed in through the open windows of the cozy quarters. V- Bar’s quite a nice little happy hour stop.

VBar St Marks