L&B Spumoni Gardens

I just so happened to be out in Gravesend Brooklyn for work the other day and my first thought was L&B.  As soon as lunchtime hit I wandered over to the enormous outdoor garden.

Although it wasn’t exactly warm people were already beginning to fill in the outdoor tables.  I ordered myself a square slice and settled in.

This slice has dough on the bottom, mozzarella directly on top of that, then covered in sauce and a hefty sprinkle of parmigiana.  My first bite I was a little skeptical- it seemed so big and doughy I would never be able to finish it….Yeah right.  Halfway through I suddenly realized I was in heaven.  This pizza wasn’t heavy- it was almost insanely light for a Sicilian.  The bottom crust had a fantastic buttery crunch, the tomato sauce was thick and rich- everything about this pizza just came together.

In a city where expensive gourmet pizza is everywhere it was a refreshing and delicious change of pace.  For $2.25 I was incredibly satisfied and so pleased I contemplated ordering another one.  However I had a long list of cannoli’s to check out before lunch time was over so I ambled away biding my time until another Gravesend trip brings me back.