The New Plaza Food Hall

There's a new food hall in town and Todd English has got some serious competition right next door now.  The first place I saw walking in was one of my all time favorites- Lady M.

Of course they had the signature Crepe Cake as well as an enticing Banana Millefeuille.

I pulled my drooling face away from there to check out some of the other food options like Luke’s Lobster.

Chocolates from Maison du Chocolat.

No 7 Sub had a nice big station along with Tartinery.  I finally settled on Sushi or Gari’s spot where they had mini serving cups filed with various items.

I decided to try out their special that day the Tuna, Avocado and Tarter Sauce Pressed sushi.

As you can see the amount of rice is overwhelming.  It was impossible to pick up and eat and I definitely struggled trying to do so.  However the flavors were awesome.  Incredibly fresh tuna and avocado with various sauces on top.  Even with all the rice I look forward to coming back once they’ve ironed the kinks out.

I was craving something sweet afterwards so I walked over to the William Greenberg part to pick up one of their classic Black & White cookies.

But then I saw a Black & White Red Velvet cookie and knew that was just what I needed.  I already knew William Greenberg made the best Black & White’s but this was seriously awesome.  I demolished my cookie in seconds and went back for another.  I probably should have stopped there but after walking by Billy’s Bakery and Francois Payard I knew I needed just one more treat.

So out the door I went- FP Macaron in hand.  Off to Central Park to try and walk off some of these calories.