Brooklyn Day at The Manhattan Cocktails Classic

Monday afternoon I was back at the Andaz for more delicious drinks as the Cocktail Classic continued on...

It started with a long refereshing Grapefruit and Lillet drink perfect for the daytime... or was it morning?

The Brooklen doughnuts were still being enjoyed well into the afternoon

Sorel presented Jack from Brooklyn Day and one of their signature cocktails was the Columbia & Congress.

Created by the Jakewalk bartender out in Brooklyn this was a lively cocktail made from White Rum, Sorel, lime juice and simple syrup.  BTW Sorel is awesome- go get some.  Then the food really started to flow with Red Hook Lobster Pound in the house.

The hot griddled rolls were chock full of fresh lobster, scallions and a bit of mayo.  Talk about a great lunch break. Then it was over to the Tanquery Bartender Evaluation where the aweomse Gary Regan took a whirl.

I could have stayed at the challenge all day but wanted to check out one of the Alcohol Health presentations where they served a Cucumber Mercy cocktail.

This is guaranted to restore the antioxidants in your body after a night of drinking.  They had a bunch of samples to take home so we'll see how it works.

My last cockatil of the night was back at the Sorel bar for the Flor de Fuego made from Sorel (of course) mezcal, applejack bonded, dolin blanc and angostura bitters.

And back for some more Brooklyn food.

This time from Stinky Brooklyn.  I picked up a couple delicious bites of cheese and sliced meat before biding adieu to the Cocktail Classic.  The sun was setting as I happily glided home full of some great NYC food and liquor. 

Manhattan Cocktail Classic

Red Hook Lobster Pound


The Jakewalk