Lunch at Danji

I happened to be near Hell's Kitchen for work last week and found myself right outside Danji as they opened.  I took a seat at the small comfy bar up front and followed the wonderful recommendations of my waitress.  To begin Tofu with Ginger Scallion Dressing.
I was a little apprehensive when this dish arrived since it looks different than what I had in mind but rest assured the waitress had steered me well.  Among the crispy scallion toppings and dressed with a salty soy vinaigrette was some of the best tofu I had ever eaten.

Insanely silky and utterly smooth this dish was so good I immediately began going through the list of my vegetarian friends vowing to bring them all here as soon as possible.

No longer sticking with the veggie lifestyle my Bulgogi Beef Sliders were excellent as well.  A spicy pickled cucumber and scallion salsa really brought a nice little heat to the meat.  These were delicious little sandwiches but honesty the tofu show.

Danji was such a wonderful and relaxing oasis that really put me at ease for the start of the work week.  It's no wonder this earned a Michelin star- this is some serious food not to miss.