Manhattan Cocktail Classic

It was a great weekend to be in the city- the Manhattan  Cocktail Classic had a ton of events around the city and a great Industry Invitational outpost at the Andaz Hotel.  The official bar Sunday was Pisco Chile and they were serving up some delicious drinks like the Mapuche Mule.

Pisco, ginger beer and poblano peppers really made this a fantastic start to the day. 

Followed by a Mundo Loco made from barrel-aged Pisco, unaged aromatic Pisoc, Kronan Swedish Punsch, white grapefruit juice and Peychaud's bitters.  Between the fabulous drinks and awesome bartenders at the Pisco Chile Bar I almost stayed put all day but Mr. T arrived and we decided to check out the rest of the event.

Up top in one of the outdoor penthouse suites The Napoleon House was showcasing their Mandarine orange brandy liquor as well as their XO liquor which was honestly quite phenomenal.

Then over to the High West Whiskey boys for a whiskey tasting (of course).

Then onto their fantastic vodkas of which we had a great cocktail made.

Peach vodka, nutmeg, cinnamon and coriander...tastes of winter on a gorgeous warm day.  Which brought us back downstairs.

Where the outdoor Pisco bar was really starting to heat up. 

I had one more Pisco drink the Santiago Sour with some Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon on top and then it was onto the Anchor Distilling Tasting Room.

Where we enjoyed the Exotic Kick made with Pink Pigeon Rum and Ginger Beer...

I've decided I love Ginger Beer in my cocktails.

A handful of spicy sweet caramel corn later and I was out the door to rest my head for tomorrow's cocktail classic- Brooklyn Day!

But since I loved my Pisco cocktails so much I thought I would leave you with the recipe for one the Mapuche Mule:

Muddle:  1/2 lime
                  3 slices of Poblano or Aji Peppers
Add:         2 oz Chilean Pisco
                  3 oz ginger beer

Optional Merken rim- Enjoy!

Manhattan Cocktail Classic