A Western NY Favorite at Daddy O's

Have you ever had a Garbage Plate before? If you answered yes to that question than I already know two more things about you. You’ve probably been to Rochester, NY and you’ve definitely had way too many beers one night. And I say “probably” been to Rochester because this WNY dish is actually being served up right here in NYC at Daddy O’s in the West Village. This is a garbage plate.

Actually at Daddy O’s it’s just called The "Plate" and it’s a huge platter of two cheeseburgers covered with norm's beef hot sauce, mustard and onions on top of home fries and macaroni salad. I have to say it’s pretty authentic to the Nick Tahou’s ones I’ve had back in the day except spicier. Yes- it’s a whole mess of food that doesn’t look so good but trust me. It’s some of the best drunk food you’ll ever have. This plate can also come with hot dogs instead of burgers.

I was so conflicted on the choice we decided to get a couple Zweigles hot dogs on the side- another WNY favorite. We got both a red hot and a white hot dog and then decided to top it off with an order of Daddy O’s tater tots.

Holy Cow these are hand’s down the BEST tater tots I’ve had in the city. I have no idea how they are so crunchy and grease less but they defy the rules somehow. Absolutely awesome! Watch out because the dipping sauce is filled with jalapenos so its spice on spice with the garbage plate.  Another awesome thing about Daddy O’s are the cocktails.

My Mojito was just delicious and quite a nice refreshing break from the meat fest that was in front of us.

But if you really want to go WNY all the way don’t worry- they have cans of Genny for your refreshment as well. Man I think I just had some serious college flashbacks.

Daddy O's