Le Relais De Venise L'Entrecote- NYC

Remember how Mr. T insisted we go to L’Entrecote in Paris for Steak Frites and I resisted knowing that one had just opened in NYC. Then remember how it was one of the most delicious steak frites we’ve ever experienced. Well I was wrong to doubt him and we loved it so much we decided we had to try out the NYC version as well.  Once again we started out with their walnut salad which was okay but it had a LOT more dressing and walnuts on top then the original.

Then came the steak- a perfect rare with that addictive pesto cream sauce. I’m not sure if it was as good as in Paris. The meat seemed slightly chewier but with that delicious sauce I didn’t care so much.

The French fries were also as addictive as ever. They came around with another portion as in Paris and we gobbled them right down.

We stuck with the house wine as we did in Paris and once again it was completely acceptable and went well with the meat. Unfortunately the service at this outpost was bordering on terrible. The waitresses seemed completely swamped and we had to wait for quite a long time before we received our steaks. There were also about 20 people waiting at the door for a seat when we left so it was obviously prime time but still the service could have been much better.

Overall I enjoyed L’Entercote again but not as much as I did in Paris. It’s hard to beat the original but it’s nice to have one nearby when I get that sauce and meat craving again.

Le Relais De Venise