Restaurant Week at Café Boulud

My dinner at Daniel last year still remains as one of the best meals of my life. So naturally I was more than excited to try Café Boulud and it just happened to coincide with restaurant week and a visit from my parents.

We were greeted with a piping hot arancini amuse bouche whose salty, melty components were a perfect start to the meal. After a choice of three different breads from the basket my appetizer arrived- Fluke Carpaccio winter squash, fennel, jalapeño ponzu vinaigrette.

All of the flavors in this dish were so clean- the cooling fish, spicy jalapeño and citrusy ponzu sauce. I truly cannot remember the last time I enjoyed Fluke this much. Onto my entrée the Braised Veal Breast celery root purée, wild mushrooms, rosemary jus.

I absolutely loved the celery root puree and rosemary jus on this dish. Unfortunately my veal was cooked just a tad too much and could have been a bit juicier. My parents ordered the other two entrees Winter Squash Ravioli and Blackened Grouper. Both of which had a ton of flavor- the Ravioli on the sweet side and the Grouper on the salty side. For dessert Meyer Lemon Curd crème fraîche biscuit, crispy meringue and vanilla ice cream.

I almost always go for chocolate but I was in a citrus mood and this dessert matched that perfectly. The tart spots of lemon curd and playful sticks of meringue were a delightful end to an already delightful meal. But wait! There’s more!

They brought over a basket of Daniel’s famous fresh baked madelines. Still warm from the oven with a little lemony twist these were truly the prefect end to the meal. All in all I absolutely loved Café Boulud. The service was wonderful and I loved the elegant comfort of the room. It all felt so very civilized. My Mom and I finished off our bottle of wine and we were ready to go. Next stop- Laduree for Macarons!

Cafe Boulud