Forcella has been compared to Motorino on many occasions and since Motorino is pretty much amazing in my book pizza wise, of course I had to check out the competition. Mr. T and I arrived with reservations on a Friday night at the new Bowery location. The place was absolutely packed but luckily our waiter was great and our service was quick and efficient.

Like Motorino they have Gragnano, considered pizza wine, which is delicious but incredibly marked up here at $44 a bottle. I mean really- that’s a ridiculous amount for this wine. Anyhow our first pizza was the one everyone has raved about the Montanara- a fried Margherita pizza.

Yes you read correctly. They fry the pizza dough first resulting in a crust that is amazingly delicate and airy. I was absolutely in love with this crust and it deserved all of the hype it gets however the rest of the pizza was lacking. The sauce and cheese were delicious but the dough itself was very uneven. The middle of the pie was thin and undercooked. The mid section was thick for some reason- too thick and then you got to the crispy edges. I’m not sure if it was rolled out wrong but it didn’t work for either of us.

The special pizza of the night was Arugula, Burrata and Cherry Tomatoes. The dough on this pie wasn’t fried but it was much more uniform. It stayed the same thickness throughout and still had some nice crispy edges on the crust. My only problem with this pie was the toppings. Unfortunately the burrata had gotten too hot and completed melted away leaving only a watery mess on the dough and the arugula. It wasn’t horrible just a disappointment.

So unfortunately we had some issues with the pizza. It was an insanely busy night and they’re still brand new so another chance is warranted, but the steep prices ($80 w/o tip for 2 small pies and wine) and incessantly loud music, may keep me away. My Motorino is still number one for now.