Complete Bliss at Ciano

I woke up after New Years Day and had an insane craving for pasta. There was no rhyme or reason behind it- that’s just the way my body works. Sometimes I crave something so much I literally can’t stop thinking about it until said craving item has been ingested fully. So when the pasta craving hit I knew it should be taken care of immediately and it was a perfect excuse to try out Ciano.

Ciano is located in the old Beppe space and although the name has changed the cozy warm, low lit atmosphere still remains. It was early evening, a day after a holiday so the place was virtually empty. I took a seat at the bar and started out with a Crostino of Pesto and Spicy Burrata.

The Burrata was as creamy as ever with just a little kick of spice and a super garlicky pesto bottom. Talk about a nice start to the meal. I thought about ordering a few more when my bread basket arrived.

Not actually a basket but a plate of grilled garlic bread and salty focaccia with some truffle butter and chili oil for dipping. Thanks goodness I didn’t order more crostini. After munching away on the focaccia I would never had room left for my Pappardelle with Duck Bolognese, Oregano and Pecorino di Noce.

I had been worried this dish would be too rich for me but I was amazed at the perfect balance of flavors. I loved all the different textures in the dish and I ended up eating every last bite. Even using some of the bread to make sure I got it all. There’s nothing better than when a craving gets satisfied and here it was more than satisfied. I was beyond content and just perfectly full.

Some other notes about Ciano- I loved the music. It made the whole place very relaxing and inviting however the pacing of the food was a bit off. My assaggini came before the bread and my entrée arrived before I had even finished my single crostini. So that could use a little work and although the wine list was lovely it definitely is on the pricy side. However I will be checking back into Ciano. I loved Chef Gallante while he was at Cru so I’m more than happy to see him cooking in my neighborhood. Next time I need a guest however so I can try out those veal meatballs as well.